About Learning Connections

Learning Connections is a company that is devoted to enhancing children’s literacy skills as well as promoting parent involvement.  Its ‘flagship’ products are Literacy Kits and Parent Packs which are purchased by schools or organizations and checked out to students and sent home. Each literacy kit contains one or two books (one in English and, if available, one in Spanish), a bilingual guide for parents, a hands-on educational activity, a response journal, and is housed in a colorful backpack on which the logo can be personalized.

Literacy kits are designed for parents to use with their children to enhance literacy skills and to encourage parents to spend quality, one-on-one time with their children doing educational activities.  Parent Packs are also available for purchase by schools and parents.  They are a smaller version of the Literacy Kits and come in one language, either English or Spanish, if the book is available in Spanish.  It includes a guide with tips for reading the book as well as how to do the activity, and the educational activity.  Please click on the link above for more information.

Since its ‘birth’ in 2006, Learning Connections has sold over 30,000 kits in forty-five states and Canada.

Learning Connections services include workshops designed for the attendees’ specific objectives and audience.  Workshops include showing teachers and administrators to how to create successful family literacy nights or teaching how to integrate reading into math and science.  Workshops can also be adapted for parents demonstrating how to incorporate literacy activities in the home.  Additional workshops can be designed to meet other specific needs of the audience.

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