Putting Porn in its Place Literacy Kit

Put Porn in its Place small


Research has shown that the average age of first exposure to porn is now between 8 and 11 years old.  Parents are their kids’ first, most consistent, and normally most trusted teachers, and can make a positive difference by talking with their children.

Children are naturally curious about sex.  If we do not teach our children about pornography, there is a good chance they will learn about it from a source that we would never choose, and then our kids will be unlikely to realize how dangerous it is.  It is proven that pornography actually causes changes in the brain.  Children could very well suffer serious and long-lasting harm before we even know that they have been exposed to pornography.   Because pornography causes direct harm to those using it, and indirect harm to others with whom the users have relationships, parents have an obligation to protect their children from the dreadful effects of pornography.  This Kit is designed to help parents know how to talk to their kids about porn and the activity, a board game titled “Let’s Talk!” encourages the needed conversation.

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