Going to the Doctor Parent Pack

Going to the doctor is often an anxious time for some children, but it doesn’t have to be.  Learning about what is going to happen at the doctor’s office can make your child more comfortable about the experience.  This kit offers tips for the making the visit less uneasy for your child.  It includes a stethoscope and three play fabric band aids with velcro that can be used repeatedly and a two-sided guide with parenting tips as well as suggestions of what to do with the manipulatives, as well as your choice of any one of four board books:  At The Doctor/Vista al Doctor, $21.00; Caillou at the Doctor, $21.00; Corduroy Goes to the Doctor, $22.00; or If I Were a Doctor*, $22.00, all housed in a clear, plastic, zippered pouch.
  • * Limited quantities available as these books are out of print.






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