Swimmy by Leo Lionni Parent Pack

Swimmy is the only little fish amongst his brothers and sisters who was born black instead of red.  He also has the ability to swim faster than the rest of the fish and is able to out swim the big fish that comes to devour his family.  Poor Swimmy is left all alone in the world, but his sadness doesn’t last long.  He is in awe of the undersea world.  When Swimmy stumbles across another group of small red fish, his quick thinking helps them band together to fight the larger fish in the sea.  The lesson of the story is twofold.  One is that when people care enough about each other and work together they can fight the big problems that face them.  The other lesson is that being different, like Swimmy, can be a wonderful thing. 

Activity— Sorting and matching objects give children practice in seeing likenesses and differences.  This activity gives children practice sorting and counting plastic sea animals as well as a variety of math activities.
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