The Cat in the Hat Dictionary by Dr. Seuss Parent Pack

For those who have always wanted to say things like "Mi madre es una gallina" ("My mother is a hen") or "Los zorrillos huelen mal" ("Skunks smell bad"), this book is the answer to your dreams! After all, who wouldn't want to learn Spanish from the Cat in the Hat?  Simple (and occasionally silly) English words and phrases are translated into Spanish, accompanied by the familiar Dr. Seussesque full-color cartoon drawings. For each letter there are several pages of illustrated terms, each separated into a box with a word in English, a picture, a sentence in English, and a translation of the sentence in Spanish. An easy pronunciation guide follows the A-through-Z dictionary for anyone who wants to go further and learn to speak as well as read Spanish. This is a tremendously fun and surprisingly useful glimpse into another language that can be used by parents and teachers introducing Spanish to English-speaking children or introducing English to Spanish-speaking children.

Activity—A set of magnetic foam letters comes with a variety of suggestions for how to manipulate the letters to create new words to help your child increase his or her knowledge of phonics.

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